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Traveller's Lunch

Peppered Cauliflower in Coconut Milk

(Traveller’s lunch is a collection of recipes inspired by my visits to different cities
and restaurants around the country)

Couple of months back I visited the Dudhsagar Spice plantation in Goa and the nature baby in me was at home (in fact, I began dreaming of my own farm!) Growing organically in the Mollem National Park, this beautiful farmstead and plantation is a couple of hours (scenic) drive from Margao. So it was decided that  their afternoon spice tour was a must during a recent vacation in Goa with the familia. The tour takes an hour or so, followed by a homely, rural-style lunch. Since we were coming from far, we wanted to spend some time post-lunch too and the owner, Mr Ajit, obliged graciously.

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Baked Goodness

Palak paneer quiche with roasted tomatoes

Thursday’s in my kitchen mostly involve fun cooking sessions with my 10-year-old niece. It’s her weekly off from school and we like to make the most of this holiday. One of the reasons I use food as an activity is because as a child Thursday’s were always extra special for me. My mom who is a teacher would also get her weekly off along with me and because she had more time than usual she would whip up something extra delicious. For me this gesture communicated love and thoughtfulness, and I wanted my niece (whom we babysit) to have similar joyful memories. And now that she is older I let her use the knife and chop things (with my overprotective supervision, of course). She is super thrilled about chopping – you should see the excitement! Kids.

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