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Traveller's Lunch

Peppered Cauliflower in Coconut Milk

(Traveller’s lunch is a collection of recipes inspired by my visits to different cities
and restaurants around the country)

Couple of months back I visited the Dudhsagar Spice plantation in Goa and the nature baby in me was at home (in fact, I began dreaming of my own farm!) Growing organically in the Mollem National Park, this beautiful farmstead and plantation is a couple of hours (scenic) drive from Margao. So it was decided thatย  their afternoon spice tour was a must during a recent vacation in Goa with the familia. The tour takes an hour or so, followed by a homely, rural-style lunch. Since we were coming from far, we wanted to spend some time post-lunch too and the owner, Mr Ajit, obliged graciously.

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Fusilli in Tomato Basil Sauce

When it comes to cuisines I love eating and cooking, Indian food will definitely rank first but Italian food comes a close second. And it may seem odd that I hold both cuisines dear cause they are so diverse in flavours and even cooking methods. But for me there are so many similarities amidst the obvious differences. Both countries have a strong agricultural identity and that shows in its food and popular recipes. The dishes are unpretentious, wholesome and โ€“ despite what the diet fads want us to believe โ€“ very healthy.

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