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Growing Basil in Mumbai (+Basil Pesto recipe)

growing basil in mumbai
Simple guide to growing basil in tropical Mumbai, with an easy recipe to preserve fresh basil

Now I am no gardening expert – although my aptitude test did point out agriculture science as top three career choice, this post is about my experience growing basil in Mumbai. Apparently the warm and humid Mumbai climate is well suited for growing basil. It is such a treat to grow basil, even in a small window grill garden like mine. Not only do you get to enjoy cooking with fresh basil, it also fills your garden with an aromatic scent, which is known to repel pests and mosquitoes.

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Fusilli in Tomato Basil Sauce

When it comes to cuisines I love eating and cooking, Indian food will definitely rank first but Italian food comes a close second. And it may seem odd that I hold both cuisines dear cause they are so diverse in flavours and even cooking methods. But for me there are so many similarities amidst the obvious differences. Both countries have a strong agricultural identity and that shows in its food and popular recipes. The dishes are unpretentious, wholesome and – despite what the diet fads want us to believe – very healthy.

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