Monsoon vadas filled with nostalgia

Even though the internet is flooded with urad vada recipes, I am compelled to document my quest to make the perfect vadas that are filled with spicy nostalgia. My attachment to food is most evident by the many food memories I hold dear. One such memory, takes me back to being a shy 10 year old at my tuition teacher’s place who was also my neighbor. Ever so often her mallu mom would make these yummy vadas and generously set aside some for me. Oh I can still recall biting into those piping hot vadas and tasting chilli in it with a hint of ginger (I suspect). And there was an occasional bite of dried coconut in it too.

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Baked Goodness

Chocolate Cake with brandy and star-anise flavour

Brandy-infused chocolate cake

It is only fitting that I begin my โ€œfoodventureโ€ with the recipe that got me excited about cooking in the first place. I made this chocolate cake for Christmas almost a decade ago and everybody loved it! And since then it has been one kitchen adventure (and many disasters) after another. The beauty of this recipe is that just about anyone can create it with a good success rate – thatโ€™s why I call it a fool-proof recipe. If you have struggled to make yummy, crumbly chocolate cake, fear not this recipe will make you an instant heroย  (not kidding about that!).

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